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Monday, February 27, 2006 

Dari cermin diri - Imbasan journey

Dari cermin diri

Imam Hassan Al-Bannã Rahimahullah telah
(Wahai Ikhwãnul Muslimin, kekangilah semangatmu yang
membara itu dengan ‘aqal fikiran kamu yang waras ,suluhilah ‘aqal fikiran
kamu yang waras itu dengan semangat kamu yang membara; dampingilah
khayalan_kamu dengan kebenaran hakiki dan realiti, dan bukakanlah
pintu kebenaran itu dengan silauan khayalan kamu yang menawan.
Janganlah kamu melincung jauh, kelak kamu akan tergantung di awangawangan.
Janganlah kamu mencanggahi kanun-kanun ‘alam’ kerana ianya
sentiasa mengatasi kamu; sebaliknya hendaklah kamu mengatasinya,
mengalirkan arusnya dan cuba mempergunakan sebahagian daripadanya
untuk mengatasi sebahagian yang lain. Sesudah itu tunggulah sa’at-sa’at
kemenangan, detik kemenangan itu darimu adalah hampir sekali.)


Bukan kuantiti tetapi kualiti.
Observe, Know, Understand, Select, Focus…
Bina hubungan hati
Increase our knowledge
SediA utk menghadapi rejection.
Owh... owh... sedia utk digelar makhluk asing. :)

Work and spend time according to prioritization.
Hubungan hati
Careful: know your car.. Patut Ta'ruf betul. :)
Consider other people’s opinion
Role model: Perfectionist. Akhlak Rasulullah saw.
Heart to heart conversation
Basahkan hbgn… do other activities; cooking, sports
Do not reject good activities, tools. Use them to strengthen...
Create good similarities to foster ukhuwwah.
Mission oriented
Improve leadership skills: sisterly/motherly, teacher, sufi, and leader
Seek input/battery
Whatever it is, Remember Allah all times.
Whatever it is, Allah is the main source of strength
Don’t forget to polish our r/ship with Allah
Be more energetic not weak.
Never stop to improve and learn

2006 - current
Its ok to think a lot, but..dont worry much
If you think its good and that it helps to achieve the objective, just do it
Know your heart well before you can know others
Try to be soft and loving.. Basahkan hati
Do it in the cause of Allah. Learn to let go. Cannot do e’thing by ourselves. Limited capacity.. Reality and sincerity check
Baik sangka to Allah always and others… sometimes
Spend time wisely. Don’t waste time. DOn't procrastinate
Love others like you love urself
If you still forget Allah, not fully confident. Need to seek, seek, seek until u understand Islam and really confident
Don’t give up. Follow up as much as you can/.
Self-check… Sincerity?
Continuos deeds even if it’s a small deed…
Think what to do next… and work on how to solve past mistakes
Work on what you have with what you have
Gain trust… don’t give future promises (uncertainty)
Welcome life test.. syukur. Be patient
Prepare yourself now as if you will face a battle!!!
Don’t give excuses!… accept, assess weaknesses, improve
Takut Allah utk buang hawa nafsu…
Don't be too emotional, be professional...
DOn't be too rigid, be creative, be flexible, be mission oriented

"Amal bergantung kepada niat"

- Moga hari ini lebih baik dr semalam -

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